About Me

Pragmatic problem solver. Relentless learner. Principled leader. Attorney-turned-product manager.

Once an attorney that only treated his zeal for technology as a hobby, Anthony now consummates this passion as a product manager at the intersection of data science, television, and advertising. (with a prior stint in technology and healthcare!)

For more of my professional background, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Interests and Hobbies

Hobbies in active development: running, karaoke, board games, learning coding.
Deprecated hobbies: cycling, photography, social dance.

Despite always getting picked last in gym class in grade school, I’ve somehow mustered up running a marathon (slowly), running two half-marathons (slightly faster), completed three century rides (one with 8,268 ft of total climbing), competed in an olympic-distance triathalon (barely), and participated in a 200 mile, 24-hour team relay (half asleep). Don’t let any of this fool you, I have no talent for sporty-type things… I merely collect expensive participation awards.

Oh, and I never say “no” to karaoke. :microphone::notes::notes: