One year later… Updates, plans, & stuff

I had planned to update this more, but my time at Schireson was busy! We had some big, ambitious goals (that we hit!), and released some great software.

Anyway, I have some time to be finally revisiting things and updating the site a bit. A few small things that have already been updated:

  • So after buying my own .com domain, I finally migrated it to be the primary domain for this site instead of a temporary forward. Now is properly hosting things, and is a forward.
  • Finally replaced the email link with a new Captcha solution. This thread here has some great discussion of how folks were dealing with the deprecation of Google’s reCaptcha v1 service, and there were some great alternative service suggestions. After trying a few, I settled on

In terms of plans, I’ve already made some small tweaks and updates to reflect where I’m at. I have some ideas around rewriting a bunch of the site and modernizing it, and possibly bringing the site up the latest version of the Minimal Mistakes template.