Site updates by year


One year later… Updates, plans, & stuff

  May 31, 2019

I had planned to update this more, but my time at Schireson was busy! We had some big, ambitious goals (that we hit!), and released some great software.



Progress on improving site banners

  November 28, 2017

Over the weekend I picked out and processed over a dozen more personal photos to add a little flair to the site. With the assets in place, next is developing...

Email link up thanks to reCAPTCHA

  October 15, 2017

I have an email link now live on the sidebar thanks to reCAPTCHA’s Mailhide service. I stumbled across this earlier today and found it fit exactly what I was... as a Project

  October 1, 2017

My learnings on building this very site as a technology project. Choosing GitHub Pages, Jekyll, a theme, and the dozens of pitfalls along the way.

This site is live!

  September 2, 2017

My Labor Day weekend project was to spin up a personal website. Tada!